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Letter to guests of J. Thompson Salons

J. Thompson Salons as it currently exists is closing.  Jennifer will take appointments at a special new location and she will be answering text messages at the main salon number (281-852-6800).  If you are accustomed to seeing a different stylist, that stylist should be reaching out soon to share where they will continue to perform services.

As a direct result of the 2020 lockdowns, fewer and fewer service providers were working, and those that did chose to work from booth rental salons or from home.  Hair stylists working from home was very rare prior to covid but when the government forced us into a shutdown, many had no choice but to perform services at home in order to provide for their families.   Once they had a taste of the ability to work from home, along with the fact that the general public became accustomed to it (also as a result of the lockdowns) the workforce in our industry chose by and large to continue this trend which dramatically cut the number of people seeking a position in an operation like ours.  We held on as long as we could but this business was designed to operate in a completely different kind of business environment and the infrastructure is not adaptable to the current climate.  We had a good 18 year run and we are glad we had the opportunity to serve this community.  

Jennifer Thompson

Dedicated Full Service Salon space in a residential setting. Ever since COVID many stylists started working out of their home. I was not going to merely operate in my home so I built a dedicated full salon next to our home complete with a full shampoo backwash station, styling chairs, full size salon mirrors, and a full retail display, all with a separate exterior entry and dedicated bathroom fully licensed by the state and insured as a business.

-J. Thompson