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If you want to go fast, go alone.

​If you want to go far, go together

Interested in a Career on a real salon team?

If you are interested in joining a real salon team then  review the "about us" section of this site right now to see what we are all about from the perspective of our guests.  Continue here to learn more about what J. Thompson Salons offers as a career path for our amazing team members.  If you feel connected to us in some way then we would enjoy getting to know you better.  Click here to reach out to us right now and tell us just a little about yourself.

Want to learn more about

Team Based Pay???

J. Thompson Salons successfully operates with a pay structure called "Team Based Pay."  This unique and effective compensation structure allows J.Thompson Salons to compensate members of the team based on overall contribution to the team by taking into account much more than just productivity.

Wouldn’t you like to be compensated for much more than what you can do with just your hands?

As hairdressers, we spend years learning our craft and growing our talent only to find ourselves in most places that only care about our “production.”  This leads to a great deal of intense internal competition and stifles all attempts at growing a true team culture that is consistent and secure.  With Team Based pay you can grow in your career path based on everything you bring to the table like knowledge and talent, as well as professionalism and integrity.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be rewarded for the time it takes to go to training and the time involved mentoring others who are growing in their talent.  On Team Based Pay you are not penalized for taking time away from the chair for professional development and mentoring and as your input helps the team grow then you get to grow in your career.

Team based pay is stable because your paychecks are secure and consistent.  There are no pay cuts, only increases.  It becomes much easier to predict your income and therefore creates better work life balance because you are not always pining for a crazy week and then just crashing on the weekend, or sweating a day with major cancellations or off season slowdowns. 

Team based pay is an hourly pay system with Team Bonuses for meeting team goals.  What???  Hourly???  Yes, Hourly.  But not hourly like entry level.  Hourly, like career path.   There a great many fields in our society that pay hourly like lawyers and welders and photographers etc. and many of them enjoy very comfortable and in some cases extraordinary incomes.  Team goal, yes…When we work together we get rewarded together from hairdressers all the way to the guest service team because everyone has a hand in helping us reach our goals.

 So if you are ready to really focus on all the best parts of your craft in an environment that is safe and stable and supportive, then reach out to us right now to see if you feel the same way we do about our team.

All our best.

Jennifer and Brett Thompson
J. Thompson Salons Owners